Postman in the Finnish countryside, 1910–11

Source: Postimuseo, Finna

The researchers of CoCo work at Aalto University, the Finnish Literature Society and the University of Helsinki. We are an interdisciplinary group of historians, art historians, cultural heritage experts and computer scientists.

Senka Drobac is a postdoc researcher at Aalto University, Department of Computer Science. She earned her Ph.D. in 2020 at the University of Helsinki. Currently, she is working on transformations of raw data into Linked Open Data. Her interests are computational methods for cultural heritage, with methods including Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Johanna Enqvist, archaeologist and heritage scholar, specialises in theory, concepts, discourses and terminology, and analyses metadata from the humanities perspective.

Eero Hyvönen is a Professor of Computer Science, enthusiastic in developing and applying Semantic Web technologies in Digital Humanities and research infrastructures.

Mikko Koho is a computer science researcher focusing on Knowledge Graph creation and Linked Data analysis methods and tools in digital humanities projects.

Ossi Koho

Petri Leskinen

Matti La Mela is a historian of politics with expertise in multidisciplinary digital humanities research.

Hanna-Leena Paloposki is an art historian with longstanding experience of working with archive collections. She studies public and private cultural relations and the art world in national and transnational contexts.

Ilona Pikkanen is a 19th century historian who studies historical fiction and historiography, and loves to oscillate between qualitative and quantitative research. She is PI of the consortium.

Heikki Rantala

Jouni Tuominen is a computer scientist, specializing in developing data infrastructures and applying computational methods in digital humanities.

Muhammad Faiz Wahjoe